07 October 2007

What's better than free yarn?

Fantastical gorgeous yummy free yarn!!! I won a skein of Lotus Yarn from the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. It was from the September knit-a-long where we had to knit something by Sockbug or something lace. My entries were the River Rapids sock by Sockbug and the Fawkes sock. They had over a hundred entries and only 4 or 5 winners. I never win things like this so it completely made my day. I got a ravelry message right away from Melanie at Lotus Yarns saying I just need to pick out a color and she'll send it right out. I chose Dig and my sister commented that it matches her winter work wardrobe quite nicely. Sorry Val, it's all mine!! Two days after telling Melanie what I wanted, it showed up in the mail!It's so nice and soft I can't wait to work it up into something. I thought I took better pictures but they were all fuzzy. Oh, well, I'll take awesome pictures when it becomes a sock or 2.

I've been working on some more stuff for the craft fair. Right now the main project is a messenger bag:
It's made out of Manos and will be felted. I have no idea if I have enough yarn, I just kinda sketched something out and started knitting so it may be much shorter or the color pattern may change drastically or it may not have a front flap if I run out of yarn. I'm going to work on some sewing stuff for the fair today since my sweetie is out of the house most of the day.

I'm slowly making progress on the Sweet Pea sock 2. I'm still finding it interesting to work on and I'm excited to try a different sole on the second one to make it fit better.
But I'm getting very distracted by all the craft fair projects including this little cutie:
It's partner is on the needles right now. It will be a pair of little thumbless mittens for a baby. I'm going to make a bunch out of the leftover sock yarn (this is the leftovers from the River Rapids sock) and try to sell them at the craft fair. I may also make matching booties if I have enough yarn left.

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loveyourbag said...

Wow- you've been busy! Those baby mittens are too cute. The Sweet Pea socks are looking good too!