26 September 2008

4 Weeks

Today my baby girl is 4 weeks old! It's been the longest and yet somehow the fastest 4 weeks of my life. She's doing great and so are me and her daddy. Although I could always use a few more hours of sleep. I'm still only getting a few minutes here and there to be online, but I promise once we get our monitor back from the warranty repair place then I'll have a real post about my girl. For now, some baby eye candy. This is her first successful time in the bouncy seat where she didn't just slump over into a little mush:

06 September 2008

A short update

Things are going well here with the new addition. She's just perfect!! She had her first doctor's visit and she got a clean bill of health. My sweetie and I are very slowly adjusting to being parents. It's so weird that we're parents!! Monday my sweetie has to go back to work and I'm definitely not looking forward to that. It's been so nice having him home all week. But my parents are coming into town to help out for the next week so I'm not on my own yet. I'm recovering pretty well from the surgery, I'm up and about much more than I thought I would be. I thought I'd be laid out on the couch for at least a week, but I've been able to get around and up and down the stairs with very few problems. Now, if only I could get out of bed easily then I'd be all set. Stay tuned for the official birth story, until then, here's a picture from her first bath:

02 September 2008

A New Addition

Kaylee Beatrice
Born 29 August 2008
8lbs 7oz