21 March 2012

Finger Painting Day

My blog was feeling a bit neglected so I'm going to try to post pictures a bit more often again. Here's some pictures from today's art project.

First I taped off their names with masking tape on a piece of canvas:
Then I set them loose with finger paints and brushes. Benny had no idea what to do at first:
But a couple of minutes watching his big sister and a little help from me when i just squirted the paint on the canvas, and then he finally got the hang of it.

Benny was a real trooper and painted for a long time despite being pretty sick with an ear infection.

And Miss Bea needs no incentive to paint, she'd paint all day long if you let her!

Here is Benny's masterpiece, still wet and waiting for the masking tape to be pulled off.

And here's Kaylee's all dry and ready for it's art house debut.