07 October 2007

A Very Crafty Day

Today has been a most productive, crafty day. I thought it was going to be a wash out of a day after the slow morning that I spent playing on the internet, reading people's blogs, and browsing Ravelry. But after lunch things turned around. I started a batch of my homemade dog treats. I'll hopefully be selling a lot of those at the craft fair, if not they'll find a good home in the bellies of a kennel full of poodles I know. Then I finished the second thumb-free baby mitten.I think it came out just about as cute as can be:
I just ran next door and tried them on to my 4 month old neighbor. He is a large baby and the mittens just barely fit. I would say they'll fit a newborn to 3 month old baby pretty well. I'm going ot work on some booties now to match.

I also finally figured out my whole key fob thingy and started sewing those today. These are strips of fabric with interfacing to give them some rigidity and some hardware to attach a key. They just slip over the hand and stay on well. I'm going to start using one for when I walk the dogs and just need to bring the house key (currently I use an elastic hairband to hold my key). So, anyway, I started with this one:
It came out real nice. It was a bit frustrating the first few until I realized that ironing before I sew the fabric together through the metal piece was a whole lot easier. But then I started thinking maybe there is just a bit too much hardware. There's a piece with a clasp thing so the key chain is removable, but then when there's actually a key on it may dangle a bit more than would be comfortable. So then I just switched to doing this:
Much more streamlined, much easier to sew, and much more attractive overall. I just hope people want to buy them! I wound up making 10, 6 with the elaborate hardware and 4 with just a keyring. I think I'll make a bunch more. They go quick now that I figured out what I'm doing.
OK, off to make some booties!


Laura said...

cute key fobs! Are you planning to sell them on etsy?

loveyourbag said...

Wow you were busy! The key fobs are great, and I love the baby mittens. So sweet.

Thanks fo rmy package too!

loveyourbag said...

Do you have an etsy shop?