04 September 2007

Fawkes are finished!

I've decided I've had enough of my knitting ADD. I'm going to finish some projects. I've got too much going on and I can't concentrate on anything. I think it's the same as when my house is messy I just can't seem to calm down until I clean it. My knitting world is very messy with all my projects. So, I barreled through it last night and finished the Fawkes socks:
Pattern: Fawkes
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM Color P803
Needles: US2 DPNs
Pattern alterations: I got gauge on US1 but I couldn't get the sock past my heel so I had to frog it and reknit it on US2. It's still tighter than I'd like but I can get it on my foot now! The leg was very short so I added an extra pattern repeat, even with the extra repeat it's still a little shorter than I'd like. But I wound up with very little yarn left over so I'm glad I'd didn't try to do another repeat.

Here's a shot of the foot detail:
I think I'll work on the August Mystery Sock. The last clue isn't up yet so I can't get too much further along. And when I do finish it I'm going to want to cast on another sock cause otherwise I would have no socks on my needles (oh the horror!) I do have some sock yarn on it's way from The Loopy Ewe and from the Hill Country Sock Club so maybe I'll wait for those to get here.

Super Secret Project #2 is going to take far longer than I expected. It's much more complicated than I thought and will start to take up a lot of my time. I'm also still working on my sweetie's sweater and an Irish hiking scarf. I have to make some serious progress on one of the projects soon!

And some very good news. . . Our house is under contract now. I don't know if I've mentioned that in the last week. We still have to get through the home inspection and stuff before anything is set in stone. And we still have to find jobs. We're not closing until the end of October so we still have some time. If October 1st rolls around and my sweetie still doesn't have a job, that's when a serious freak out will occur!

Other good news. . . After my bottle of wine the bag I made still looks pretty damn good to me! I made another one yesterday for my other swap partner. I'm going to make a couple for me in my thirties reproduction fabrics cause the bag is just too cute and perfect for small projects.


loveyourbag said...

Those Fawkes socks look wonderful! I've been meaning to try that pattern but can't find the right yarn for it. I do have three other pairs of socks on needles right now anyway so I suppose I'll live!

Auntly H said...

gorgeous socks! It's been awhile since I've knit with Koigu. I might have to get some soon...