26 August 2005

First Sweater

I decided to try to make a sweater. I made this for my nephew since it would take the least amount of yarn (he's a little guy!) I used homespun yarn, 2 skeins colonial blue, 1 skein cream. It worked up very quickly. The front, back, and sleeves were worked up as flat pieces then sewn together. I then had to pick up stitches along the collar and knit a few rows of stockinette so it would roll over. The cuffs and bottom are done in garter and the rest is stockinette. The pattern was on the label of the homesupn yarn and is also available on the lion brand website.
I'm gonna try to make one for my niece now. A little pullover with a front pocket and a hood. I can't find the yarn that it calls for in the store, but I'm going to order it online. It'll be bright pink, perfect for a little girlie girl!!

08 August 2005


I finished my craft barter quilt this weekend. I think it turned out perfect, of course!
I also finished the little companion bags for my sisters. This one is for my older sister, done in the same colors as mine.

This one is for my little sister. I was a little worried that the colors wouldn't have enough contrast. But I think it's my favorite one! It was also done in bulky and the rest were done with worsted weight. It turned out a little bit bigger than the other ones and the strap seems to be just a little bit too short, but I have no yarn left to make another one. It can still be used as a shoulder bag though. And if the straps are pulled all the way through it works as a longer purse with a pretty secure closure (the same goes for the other ones).

Here's all three that I made, with mine on the right.Next up: I need to get some small needles and I'm gonna attempt some socks. Nice and small project for the middle of the summer! Quilt wise, I'd like to get to work on the blue and white quilt again, but it's just too hot. I'll have to go home tonight and look through my stash for the next project. Maybe I'll work on the shop hop quilt my mom got me at the Quilt Festival in Houston 2 years ago!! It's main fabric is a pretty burgandyish floral, if I remember correctly.

05 August 2005

Bag lady.

More pictures of bags are coming! I lent my camera to a friend to take some pictures of her craft projects. So I'm going to take pictures this weekend and hopefully get one bag felted (maybe both if I feel ambitious enough). The bag for my older sister has been completed. The one for my little sister has the straps done and is about 8 inches tall (the pattern calls to work it until 10 inches then begin an i-cord bind off). Any day now they'll both be done.

I'm going to try making a pair of socks when the bags are done.

The craft barter quilt is almost done. I've got the binding sewn on for 2 sides. 2 more sides, then make a label and sew it on. I'm gonna try my harest to get that done before the end of the weekend. I do have house chores to do as well though. And I've got a home inspection for a dog adoption which means I should really get the lawn mowed and house cleaned up pretty well. That's Saturday afternoon though. Which leaves the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday to craft my brains out!!