09 August 2012

Update on Project 3

K did receive a letter back from Disney!  It took about 2 weeks and she got a postcard with a picture of all the princesses on it with each one's name signed.  On the back was a message from Cinderella.  I'd post a picture, but it seems to have gone missing!  K was beyond happy about getting a letter from the princesses!  What a great thing Disney does!

52 Weeks of Pinterest - Project 7

We have had lots of butterfly visitors in our yard lately.  K would like to take one inside to be her friend, but she thinks we need to lock the dogs in the computer room first so they don't hurt her new friend.  K and B spent a very long time looking for their butterfly and stuck their heads in rooms, in drawers, in closets and yelled for her to come out and play.  As they were doing this I remembered a pin for bug crafts.  This website is just fantastic!  I'm now following it on facebook and pinterest because there are just so many good ideas!

The bug craft I picked was to make contact paper butterflies.  Fold some construction paper in half and cut out half a butterfly, then cut out the center.  Then place it on a piece of clear contact paper and trim that to size:

While the kids were running around the playroom I cut ribbon into about 1.5" pieces. We invited a neighbor over for craft time and they all played with the sticky contact paper for a bit before sticking the ribbons on.  Everyone had a great time and they were well entertained for about 30 minutes or so.  When they were done I took another piece of contact paper and stuck it on the other side to seal in the ribbons.  K made a beautiful butterfly:

B pretty much put a bunch of ribbons on, took them all off, then started chewing on them.  What more can you expect from a 19 month old!  He had a blast doing it though!

52 weeks of pinterest - project 6

Nothing fancy about this pin.  But I am trying to make sure I offer the kids more fresh veggies instead of just canned or frozen ones and a wider variety.  I will admit I am not a fan of fresh carrots, but a nice roasted carrot is about my favorite vegetable. When I roast veggies I make a large batch and try to eat them throughout the week.  Usually by day 2 we're all bored.  So for dinner last night we had some leftover chicken and I roasted carrots.  I sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and paprika (my favorite spice!).  Out of the oven they were fantastic!!

I had to cook them early in the day though since I try not to run the oven after 1pm.  It's pretty darn hot here in Texas during the summer and that seems to help out the AC a bit.  After cooking them I let them cook to room temperature then put them in a tupperware and reheated for dinner.  They still tasted pretty good at dinner, but they didn't have that great crispy outer edge anymore.