27 June 2007

Hip in Hemp begins

I've finally begun the Hip in Hemp skirt and I love working on it! This was the one part I really didn't like:sewing in the elastic! It was miserable. Although I did it at 10 at night, which is definitely not the best time for me to concentrate on anything.
It's done now and I'm enjoying the rest of it. I haven't gotten very far but if feels like I'm flying given the amount of time I've actually had to work on it. I'm bringing it to my S&B meeting tonight and I should be able to finish the blue stripe. Then I have to wait for the last color to get in to my LYS for the next stripe.

25 June 2007


I just got my Hempathy yarn from my LYS to start the Hip in Hemp skirt for my niece. I can't believe that I'll only need one more skein to make a whole skirt. Devin's little, but I don't know if she's that little. I have faith in the pattern though!

I assembled everything I need (except the elastic for the waistband and the last skein of yarn). I'm going to spend the rest of the day knitting and playing with the pups!

Half a finished object

I finished half of a project this weekend. . . one sock! It's my first sock ever. I'm not a huge fan of the colors, but these are my practice pair socks and now I can move onto nice sock yarn. But look at what a nice job I did:And just so you can see it actually fits me really nice:

I'm completely hooked on socks now. I understand all those people who knit pair after pair after pair. I really want to try a lace pattern one now. I need to finished the other one of this pair though. This sock is so much more comfortable than I could have imagined. I did a pretty crap job grafting the toe though so I'm not sure how long it will last.

I'm off to my LYS to pick up some of the yarn for Hip in Hemp! Hopefully I can knit all day long!

18 June 2007

Oops, my bad!

Well, I have to retract my warning from yesterday's post and post a new warning. There is no problem with the pattern, but. . . if you decide to place your pattern in your yarntainer, make sure you fold it so you can read the whole pattern or take the pattern out of the yarntainer to double check it before just knitting away.

So, my problem was that there was supposed to be a regular knit row between each of my decrease rows. Oh well, too late now!

17 June 2007

Another finished object

I finished my angora hat!

Isn't it gorgeous! But, notice how this is not a picture of it sitting on my head? There happens to be a very good reason for it. . . it looks ridiculous. It's too small. It will fit on my head but doesn't make it anywhere near my ears. I'm not about to tear it out since it's angora and I think the yarn would look like crap if I do. So, I'm making a skirt for my niece soon so maybe when that's done I'll send this up there with it as a present for my nephew. It'll probably be way too big though. We'll see.

So, a warning to my sisters who have the same pattern and kit. . . When it says knit until it's 5 inches long, you should really knit until it's 6 or 6.5 inches long!

14 June 2007

Cabled sleeves

I have not worked on the sweater for my husband in quite a long time. I also have not been to my knitting group in quite a long time. So I figured what better project to work on when I finally went back to a meeting. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out exactly how the little tick marks I had made on the side of the pattern actually related to the pattern itself. Once I got myself all straightened out, I talked myself into frogging it before I finished a row. I've decided that I just really hate the cable pattern on the sleeves. So, I put it down and worked a little on the angora hat I've been slowly making progress on. I think I managed to put on 1/2 an inch (hey it's a lot when you're catching up with people you haven't seen in over a month!)

I am super excited about my new project. I'm going to make Hip in Hemp from the new knitty for my adorable niece! I called my LYS yesterday and they carry the yarn. They had everything I needed except for one skein. They sent out some sort of listserv e-mail thingy out to the knitting shop community and found what I needed within the hour! Now it's being sent to them and I will get a call as soon as it comes in. I'm busting to start it! I hope to have the yarn in hand by the middle of next week. Hopefully the fact that my niece is growing like a weed will be enough motivation for me to finish it really quick.

04 June 2007

A finished project!

I actually finished a project this weekend! I made a baby quilt (almost 2 baby quilts). This is one of them:

The second one looks exactly the same, but I've only got the top pieced for that one. I had a litle problem. The pattern I had has a yellow center for the squares, but I choose a blue pooh fabric. So everything that was blue I switched with a yellow fabric and vice versa. I didn't quite realize that I would wind up with a whole bunch of yellow together. It turned out very girly even though they're both for little boys. But whatever, they're still cute and cuddly!
There was some issue about how to attach a label since it's minkee fabric on the back. I decided to buttonhole stitch it on with the hopes that that would hold a little better than regular applique.

OK, I'm off to finsh the other one, unless chores get in the way, which will probably happen!