30 November 2005

Charity quilt finished and bought

I finished the charity quilt on Tuesday and it was auctioned off on Wednesday for $50. I didn't take a picture of it completed, but here is one of it with pins and basting threads. It was finished off with a black binding and a rod pocket on the back. I hand quilted in the ditch aorund the major designs and then around the inside and outside edge of the black thin border. I wanted to do more, but ran out of time.
Next project: Devin's pullover. I worked on it a little bit last night and it's a lot of fun to do,but kinda hard becuase you can't see your stitches because of the texture of the yarn and I keep forgetting if I'm on a knit of a purl row! We'll see how it turns out!!

Still need to make myself a running hat but haven't gotten any yarn yet so that will have to wait.

14 November 2005

Mittens done, quilt on it's way

The mittens are done! Only 2 small problems. 1) a little hole in the crease of the thumb which is easily fixed with a little yarn and a needle 2) a "seam" where I moved from one dp needle to the next, not sure how to fix that. I tried rotating my stitches around the needle as I went, but wound up with a stairstep looking seam. They have yet to be blocked, so maybe that will help.

I've finally made some progress on the charity wallhanging. I put 2 borders on, layered, and pinned it this weekend. It's halfway basted. I've got 2 quilting schemes in mind, 1 if I'm short on time and another to add to it if I've got extra time. The deadline is coming fast, I've got 2 weeks and 1 day. At this point I can at least get a picture of it to put on the auction website.

That's all my crafting that I've done lately, been real busy with school!

02 November 2005

One mitten done

Ok, the first mitten is done! It came out OK, but not great. I'll get a picture up soon. The thumb has a little hole in the little crease and I can tell where I was swithing from one needle to another because the stitches aren't even. But, for my first attempt I think I did pretty good. They will do just fine as running mittens. And it fits pretty well. I probably could have made the hand part just a little bit longer because the ribbed cuff comes up a little bit onto my palm.

I'm just knitting along lately! I like that I'm getting so much done, but I really do have to do that charity quilt. But can't make it to the fabric store until the hubby comes back from him conference. It'll get done though, it SHOULD be quick.

01 November 2005


Ok, here's the long awaited shawl.

It's a beaut isn't it! The other 3 are the same pattern. One made of the same yarn, but in purples and reds. One is made of kidsilk yarn and that one was way to big, so it has to be folded in half and the pattern on the back is lost, but it's so soft and warm that it makes up for it. The last one is made of a green, black, and metallic gold yarn; definitely appropriate for a night of barhopping in the city.

Don't have any pictures of the mittens yet, I'll take one when the first one is finished. 5 more rows then I start decreasing for the top and then I have to figure out this whole thumb thing! Should be fun and hopefully not much longer.