29 March 2011

29 March 2011, Day 20

Baby Ben is 3 months old today!

We love you little guy!

28 March 2011, Day 19

Kaylee seems to be coming down with something. She's had on and off low-grade fevers for a week or so and it seems to have finally caught up with her. This is the first time she ever fell asleep on the couch.

27 March 2011, Day 18

Kaylee's first haircut!!! As expected she was far too scared to sit by herself so she had to sit on Dad's lap.
Bangs were not intended, but she had some scraggly curls up there. And she got the random straight hair on the sides angled by her face. The rest was just trimmed so it won't get so knotty.

26 March 2011, Day 17

Baby Ben in his poop chair. I swear the second you put him in the highchair the poop fountain starts flowing!

25 March 2011, Day 16

Our last shopping trip with Ben in an infant seat. It is far too cumbersome to go shopping with! From now on he'll be in a mei tai carrier!

24 March 2011

24 March 2011, Day 15

A picture in honor of my homebrewing husband! It's his first day back after a 4 day business trip. I was home alone with 2 sick kids, not fun for me at all. But we are so grateful to have Daddy home!!

23 March 2011, Day 14

My beautiful kids!
Kaylee doesn't really take a pacifier, but if Ben's doing it, it must be cool!

Grandpa Ben with his pants pulled up to his armpits and a plaid shirt. I think my grandpa actually owns this outfit!

22 March 2011, Day 13

After repeatedly smacking Kaylee's head on the roof of the car, I broke down and bought her a new car seat. It was either that or a minivan. I'm quite the stickler for car seat safety so we went top of the line, again. Here's Kaylee in her brand new Britax Frontier 85. And I am happy to report that it sits low enough that I'm not smacking her head when I put her in and she can easily climb in herself, when we're not in a rush!
This is by far my absolute favorite picture I have taken of Benjamin since he was born:
I just love his smile!! And those cheeks look like they're gonna pop!!

21 March 2011, Day 12

Finally I've captured the elusive smile:

And today we had to use some extreme bribery (blue iced cookies) to keep the peace at the grocery store:

20 March 2011, Day 11

We're going through a major stuffed animal phase right now. This is her elephant knit by my friend Joanne. It has a matching mouse, but that is far too tempting for Trapper so we keep it in Kaylee's room!

19 March 2011

19 March 2011

Stella and Delilah underwent some minor surgeries today.
Delilah had many more injuries since she is often left at home to be abused by Trapper whereas Stella goes everywhere Kaylee goes.
I must admit, I would make an excellent surgeon! I am getting a bit worried about how many more injuries Stella will be able to sustain. That will be one sad, sad day and I believe there will be many months of crying over her when she does finally go to the big doll house in the sky.

18 March 2011

A day filled with utter chaos! First we met up with some good friends at the zoo. We finally got to try out our awesome double stroller (we've gone on a couple walks, but this was it's big public debut!)
Kaylee refused to get out of the stroller most of the day, she gets very overwhelmed when there is a lot going on. But this was one of the rare out-of-stroller moments when we were in the aquarium.

Benjamin spent most of the trip like this, which was just fine by me:

Then after the hour drive home and no nap, we had gymnastics.

17 March 2011

17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my little munchkins!!
Today we went to the library where Kaylee loves to play on their touchscreen computers. Here she's following what Ernie does.
Then we went to the park for the first time this year. Kaylee had a great time on the slides, until some other kids came around and she got real shy. (And yes, her boots are on the wrong feet, but she put them on herself and that's the way she wanted them!)
And Ben was having a bit of a difficult time figuring out just what wind is. He kept trying to catch his breath when he got a big blast of wind in his face. But he got held tight by Mama, so he wasn't fussy at all.

16 March 2011

Kaylee just loves dressing up like a dinosaur! This is her being a big helper and letting the dogs in.
Baby Ben in his swing. He doesn't spend nearly as much time in there as Kaylee did when she was little, but he sure does love watching his mobile!

Trips to Walmart always seem to produce clothing for the kids. Today Kaylee got some Elmo jammies and Ben got a dinosaur onesie.

15 March 2011

15 March 2011

Kaylee and her best friend, Hannah, at our moms' group playdate.

14 March 2011

Naps for the older child are becoming less and less frequent. We're lucky if she takes 2 naps a week. Even though she won't nap, she has an hour and a half of "quiet time" in her room, which is never very quiet. During nap time today she decided to rearrange furniture and pulled her bed over to her dresser so she could get the stuff on top of the dresser.
She also managed to get a bunch of scratches on her face, she couldn't quite articulate where these came from.

14 March 2011

13 March 2011

Kaylee's yogurt came with seeds to grow chives in the yogurt cup so after a messy yogurt lunch, we planted some seeds. And Kaylee dressed up as a dinosaur all day!

12 March 2011

Daddy returned in the wee hours of the night from a 2 day business trip. Kaylee was very excited to see him in the morning and even more excited with the new toy airplane he brought with him:
Benjamin has discovered his legs and they never stop moving!!

11 March 2011

11 March 2011

Friday is the most favorite day of the week for my little princess. Friday is "Nimnasnas", which translated from Kaylee speak is gymnastics!! Today's pictures are from our post-gymnastics drive-thru dinner.
Kaylee Bea, our little milkaholic:
Baby Ben, finally big enough to sit in the high chair while we eat dinner, sort of!

10 March 2011

365 Project - 10 March 2011

I've decided to put this blog to good use again! My knitting is on the back burner right now while I adjust to life with 2 kids. So, I'll be using this blog for sharing my kids with my friends and family. Starting today I will take at least one pictures of my daily life (mostly the kids). Once a week (or whenever I can manage it) I will post the pictures along with a little blurb. The 365 project has been around for a long time and I've never been inspired to take part, but looking at Ben and then Kaylee is a daily reminder of just how quick time passes. I am not a fantastic photographer and I don't have a great camera, but the subjects will make up for any artistic absence!

If you choose to follow me on this photo adventure be sure to bookmark this page or add it to your blog reader of choice.

Today's photo submission:
My 2 and a half year old daughter, Kaylee. Today she wanted to dress herself. In case you can't tell, she's wearing a Tinkerbell nightgown with pink leggings, monkey rainboots, a sweatshirt that is 2 sizes too small for her, and a panda hat. And yes we left the house like this to go to storytime at the library and to go shopping at the grocery store.