09 June 2011

9 June 2011, Day 92

It used to be that I could let Ben cry for a minute or two if he wakes up and sometimes he falls back to sleep. Apparently that is no longer an option because the second Kaylee hears him cry, she runs up to his room, climbs into his crib, cuddles with him and pats him on the back while saying "It's ok Baby Ben, Kaylee's here."

8 June 2011, Day 91

Ok ladies, who wants tickets to the gun show? Hurry up they're going fast!

The beach is that way!
I'm so glad we've made it to muscle shirt weather. We're gonna have lots of fun with this outfit.

Summer storytime started this week at our library. Kaylee just loves storytime. Summer storytime is about twice as many kids as normal, in a different room, and is lead by her usual teacher Ms. Debbie, but also by the other Ms. Debbie (there are 3 Ms. Debbie's on the kid's floor at our library, I guess it makes it easier for the kids!). Even with all these changes, Kaylee was more than happy to join in with the singing, stories, and craft! Maybe my little, shy girl is growing up!!

6 June 2011, Day 89

Daddy is gone on another business trip, Mexico for 3 days. And Kaylee decided to take every single toy out of her toy box and spread it all over the house. Times like this make me think it's time to go through that toy box again and donate some stuff, then I get distracted cleaning up!

5 June 2011, Day 88

One weekend every year the Schnormeier Gardens are opened up to the public. We went last year and went up the hill to the upper gardens, this year we stayed on the lower half and explored the meadow gardens and the forest walk.
And, just cause I can, here's some pictures from last year, followed by a picture in the same place a year later.
Last year crossing the bridge.
This year crossing the bridge.
Last year feeding the koi.
This year feeding the koi.
What a difference a year makes!!

4 June 2011, Day 87

Another Farmer's Market day. Today there was a little surprise when we saw the fountain was filled with bubbles!! Maybe a graduation prank, I don't really know, but Kaylee loved it!

3 June 2011, Day 86

Josh was in Texas for work for 4 days and my last day home alone with them was a doozy. We had gymnastics, which involved lots of my bending over to clean up baby spit up that seems to just ooze out of Ben all day, then we went to our town's First Friday event. It was lots of fun. Kaylee got a pink giraffe ballon animal, a basket with a book and frog stuffed animal, and almost tried the bouncy house (but she got too scared of the other kids). I sure was glad when Josh got home at 2am!!

2 June 2011, Day 85

For the first time in far too long, we made it out for a walk. I couldn't manage to take a dog with us, but the the kids and I got out for a nice 3 mile walk.
Kaylee managed to stay in the stroller until just before we hit the 1.5 mile mark, the bridge was far too tempting! Then she stayed out for most of the walk home, it took FOREVER!

Then later that night, I made an enormous batch of banana baby food. This is about half of it.

1 June 2011, Day 84

After over a year of playing with this water table, she has finally realized that she can climb into it. I was hoping it would take her longer!!

31 May 2011, Day 83

Kaylee has been enjoying the farmer's market tomatoes. She likes to eat them like apples!

30 May 2011, Day 82

Happy Memorial Day!! We spent the morning at the town parade and came close to having fun. Kaylee was a bit overwhelmed by everything and alternated between being held by someone or being in the stroller, then jumped out and ran into the street when they threw candy!!

29 May 2011, Day 81

Happy 5 months old to Mr. Benjamin!! He's such a happy little guy and we all just love him to bits and pieces!!
Kaylee has discovered Thomas the Tank Engine thanks to library DVD rentals. So, while watching Thomas for the first time with Josh, he suggested maybe they should go see a real train. What kid wouldn't love that!! Luckily we've got one about 5 minutes away. It doesn't run anymore, but the kids are welcome to climb all over it. Unfortunately I missed out on the action since Ben was sleeping and they had to get there before it got too hot, but Josh sent some pictures so we could all see how cute she was!

28 May 2011, Day 80

Saturday's are always packed full of fun, shopping, and cleaning here!

First we headed out to the Farmer's Market and Maker's Market in the square. By the way, I love that we have a town square where things happen on a regular basis! Kaylee got to meet and pet a llama and it's alpaca friends.

And Benjamin got a new bib made by one of my friends who is a vendor at the Maker's Market.
Then we headed over to Lowe's for their kid's clinics, Kaylee and Daddy (mostly Daddy!) built a pretty nice quality biplane that will probably survive long enough for her kids to play with it!

27 May 2011, Day 79

Our fun activity for the night was rolling coins, who says life is boring without TV?!
And Ben had to do some rolling of his own (ha, I love puns!)

26 May 2011, Day 78

Oh, what a great thing a yearly membership to the zoo is!

25 May 2011, Day 77

This is Ben's "hold on Mom, I'm making room for more" face.

24 May 2011, Day 76

Today was our last official Mom's meeting of the year, we will start back up in September, but we will hopefully have moved by then. I'm really going to miss my new mom friends and all their kids. I hope to see lots of them over the summer!!
No wonder why Kaylee loves Ben so much! He's actually a real life version of Stella, if only his eyes were a brighter blue.
After dinner today we had a visit from Kaylee's new ducky friends. They "visited" for a few weeks and drove the dogs crazy the entire time. Not fair at all to have ducks right outside your window when you're a bird dog!!

23 May 2011, Day 75

Another beautiful outside day!!

22 May 2011, Day 74

One of those perfect play outside kind of days today. We busted out a bunch of the outside toys and had a blast. Even Ben got to join in from his shady spot on the porch:
Once Kay saw the camera she insisted on posing with all of her toys, so here is Kaylee and her water table:
Kaylee and her monkey chair:

And Kaylee with her pink car:

21 May 2011, Day 73

Josh and Kaylee on the porch reading one of Josh's favorite books from when he was little: Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon. They were out there for a good 20 minutes reading the whole book and finding all the characters. Thank you Grandma for this book!!

20 May 2011, Day 72

Some days it's just not worth the fight and you have to let your kid wear nothing but her undies, stand up on the chair, and eat instant mac n cheese.

19 May 2011, Day 71

Happy Birthday to me!! 32 years old and loving every day!