17 June 2007

Another finished object

I finished my angora hat!

Isn't it gorgeous! But, notice how this is not a picture of it sitting on my head? There happens to be a very good reason for it. . . it looks ridiculous. It's too small. It will fit on my head but doesn't make it anywhere near my ears. I'm not about to tear it out since it's angora and I think the yarn would look like crap if I do. So, I'm making a skirt for my niece soon so maybe when that's done I'll send this up there with it as a present for my nephew. It'll probably be way too big though. We'll see.

So, a warning to my sisters who have the same pattern and kit. . . When it says knit until it's 5 inches long, you should really knit until it's 6 or 6.5 inches long!