04 June 2007

A finished project!

I actually finished a project this weekend! I made a baby quilt (almost 2 baby quilts). This is one of them:

The second one looks exactly the same, but I've only got the top pieced for that one. I had a litle problem. The pattern I had has a yellow center for the squares, but I choose a blue pooh fabric. So everything that was blue I switched with a yellow fabric and vice versa. I didn't quite realize that I would wind up with a whole bunch of yellow together. It turned out very girly even though they're both for little boys. But whatever, they're still cute and cuddly!
There was some issue about how to attach a label since it's minkee fabric on the back. I decided to buttonhole stitch it on with the hopes that that would hold a little better than regular applique.

OK, I'm off to finsh the other one, unless chores get in the way, which will probably happen!