14 June 2007

Cabled sleeves

I have not worked on the sweater for my husband in quite a long time. I also have not been to my knitting group in quite a long time. So I figured what better project to work on when I finally went back to a meeting. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out exactly how the little tick marks I had made on the side of the pattern actually related to the pattern itself. Once I got myself all straightened out, I talked myself into frogging it before I finished a row. I've decided that I just really hate the cable pattern on the sleeves. So, I put it down and worked a little on the angora hat I've been slowly making progress on. I think I managed to put on 1/2 an inch (hey it's a lot when you're catching up with people you haven't seen in over a month!)

I am super excited about my new project. I'm going to make Hip in Hemp from the new knitty for my adorable niece! I called my LYS yesterday and they carry the yarn. They had everything I needed except for one skein. They sent out some sort of listserv e-mail thingy out to the knitting shop community and found what I needed within the hour! Now it's being sent to them and I will get a call as soon as it comes in. I'm busting to start it! I hope to have the yarn in hand by the middle of next week. Hopefully the fact that my niece is growing like a weed will be enough motivation for me to finish it really quick.