10 March 2011

365 Project - 10 March 2011

I've decided to put this blog to good use again! My knitting is on the back burner right now while I adjust to life with 2 kids. So, I'll be using this blog for sharing my kids with my friends and family. Starting today I will take at least one pictures of my daily life (mostly the kids). Once a week (or whenever I can manage it) I will post the pictures along with a little blurb. The 365 project has been around for a long time and I've never been inspired to take part, but looking at Ben and then Kaylee is a daily reminder of just how quick time passes. I am not a fantastic photographer and I don't have a great camera, but the subjects will make up for any artistic absence!

If you choose to follow me on this photo adventure be sure to bookmark this page or add it to your blog reader of choice.

Today's photo submission:
My 2 and a half year old daughter, Kaylee. Today she wanted to dress herself. In case you can't tell, she's wearing a Tinkerbell nightgown with pink leggings, monkey rainboots, a sweatshirt that is 2 sizes too small for her, and a panda hat. And yes we left the house like this to go to storytime at the library and to go shopping at the grocery store.

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