19 March 2011

18 March 2011

A day filled with utter chaos! First we met up with some good friends at the zoo. We finally got to try out our awesome double stroller (we've gone on a couple walks, but this was it's big public debut!)
Kaylee refused to get out of the stroller most of the day, she gets very overwhelmed when there is a lot going on. But this was one of the rare out-of-stroller moments when we were in the aquarium.

Benjamin spent most of the trip like this, which was just fine by me:

Then after the hour drive home and no nap, we had gymnastics.


Combs365 said...

*LOVE* the stroller! I think the red is totally awesome... reminds me of my school colors. I bet tons of people think you love OSU ;) I know better, though!

Julianne said...

I didn't even think about it being OSU colors, I'm so oblivious sometimes!