20 June 2008

Say Cheese!

Here are the pictures I promised, along with some pictures of my new obsession!

First off lets have some pictures of the baby's room filled with stuff! It still needs a rug, a dresser, and a bookcase. We're going shopping for a rug this weekend and I may break down and get a cheapo dresser and/or bookcase. I really wanted to save up until we could get a nice one, but our driveway is in major need of paving and we're gonna have to save for that first. Anyway, here's the little girl's room:
Then we have all the handmade stuff I got at the shower and in the mail afterwards.
First the blankets from Grandma and a sweater she crocheted:
The blanket from Aunt Glory:
The tie dyed onesies and sweater and hat from Aunt Val:
The quilt from Grammy:
Then we have my new obsession, SPINNING! Val gave me a lesson on spinning and plying on a drop spindle while I was visiting and I'm obsessed now! I had a drop spindle and a bunch of roving but couldn't get the hang of it, I'm still learning, but I'm getting much better. I spun a bit while I was visiting, but here's the first thing I spun at home:
I had 3 small things of roving in different colors that I'm using as my practice spinning before I move onto the big bats of roving. I started the second color too:
This one is weird, it feels like I'm holding a bunch of someone's hair, it's so smooth. There's also a light brown that I have to do then I'll decide if I want to ply 2 together to get a bit more length or just ply them to themselves to keep an even color.

Don't worry, there's still more pictures. This was the craft that the guests did at the baby shower:
My mom and I dyed the clothes the night before then people drew on them with markers and crayons. Apparently once you iron the crayon on it becomes permanent.

And now for the best thing about being a stay at home wife. . . PUPPY NAP TIME!!!
Cooper has been keeping me, my sweetie, and Trapper up the last few nights from about 11 to 3 am. He runs around the house whining at another dog down the street that barks his head off all night. He also likes to bark at anything he sees outside like raccoons, squirrels, deer. Last night we had to close the bedroom doors to keep him from running up and down the stairs and then close the windows and blinds to finally get him to settle down. Needless to say, we've all been a bit tired and exhausted the last few days and around 3pm we have puppy nap time. I've never really been one for naps, but this is the best part of my day now!

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Donna said...

Your spinning looks great! Ah, another fiber junkie in the making....