23 June 2008

Where did my knitting mojo go?

I've lost my knitting mojo! I have no desire to work on any of the projects sitting next to the couch right now. And I've got so many things on the needles that I don't want to start another one. I did go look at my stash though just in case something popped out at me and I didn't even see anything I desperately wanted to knit. I think I just need to soldier on and finish some of these projects. Maybe if I clear a bag or two away from the clutter next to the couch then I'll feel more in the mood to knit. I think I'll start working full force on the nursing shawl and try to get that partway done. I think my problem is that I don't have anything mindless going on and I'm not so great at keeping the concentration going right now.


Valerie said...

You've temporarily lost your knitting mojo b/c you're a spinning fool! LOL!

Dorothy & Michael said...

Maybe you'll get it back for knit-night tomorrow night? I plan to come with my Babette Blanket. I'm working on the border.