05 June 2008

I'm Off to See the Wizard. . .

Not really, but it feels like I'm about to leave Kansas and not see Aunty Em for a long time! I'm leaving the house, my sweetie, and the pups for 10 days!! I left them a week ago to go to the wedding, but it was just for 4 and a half days and it was only the second time I had left the pups since we got Trapper almost 2 years ago. My sweetie is very good with them and takes as good of care as he can, but he does have to work full time so he can't spend every second with them like I do. To add insult to injury, we're going to have our first Ohio heat wave. Not too hot, about mid 90s for the next week or so. We're still not sure if the AC works or not. I really hope it does cause I don't want my boys roasting while I'm gone! I turned it on for a few minutes today and the outside unit turned on and I felt some pretty cold air coming out of some of the vents, but I didn't leave it on long enough to see if it actually cools the place down. It was low 90s today and we didn't have any problem keeping cool in the house as long as I kept all the windows and doors closed. I think the money we spent on insulating the attic is starting to pay off already! Plus the canopy of tree cover keeps the sun off the house almost all day, great for conserving energy in the summer, horrible for trying to get a garden to grow!!

So, off to New York for the week. I'm going to have my shower (yay for baby stuff!) then I'm going to vegetate for a week on my parents couch and eat pizza, bagels, and italian food (they just can't get any of those things right in Ohio) then I have my very best friend's bridal shower, then I go home. I'm hoping to get some knitting time with my sisters and some time with my niece and nephew, but my sisters work and the kids will still be in school. I'm sure I'll manage with sitting on the couch and knitting and reading!! My mom wanted to take time off and go to NH for a few days so I could see what they're doing with my Grandpa's house, but I told her to save her time off for when the baby comes cause I'm gonna need some help!

On the knitting front, I just finished another February Sweater, this one for my college friend Jenny, so I need to find a new small project to take with me to NY. I'll be taking the nursing shawl, but that's a lace project and I need a no-brainer to work on as well. I think some stash diving and cruising of my ravelry queue is in order for tonight!

And just so we're not completely picture free this blog post, here's a picture of the baby's closet:
I put away all the goodies I got when I was in Virginia and all the other stuff I've bought so far. I felt like I bought so much, but put away it looks like nothing! The little cubbies on the left are meant for shoes so they're a bit to small for most anything, but I did manage to fit the burp clothes and mittens and booties in there. There's another closet right next to this one that has 2 rods for hanging clothes. Right now all my clothes that don't fit me and my sweeties old uniforms are in there, I'm thinking of clearing it out and putting a closet organizer thing in there. I'm also thinking that my sweetie and I need a walk in closet in our bedroom since our closet now only holds his stuff and I'm gonna need some closet space if I ever fit back into my clothes! He's not so convinced of that though! I think I'll just get a quote from the contractors when they do the windows and secretly save up money (although there are a million other things we need to spend our money on right now, like paving our driveway that is quickly becoming part of our lawn!)

OK, that was some massive babbling. Can you tell I'm tired and bored?! My next post will be post baby shower so get ready for some intense cuteness!

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Donna said...

Ohhhh - enjoy the pizza and bagels for me. I am a Long Island girl who was transplanted to New England 11 years ago. I crave the same foods. And I enjoy them every time I go back to LI!