02 June 2008

Home at last!

OK, get ready for a long one, but there are plenty of fun pictures! It's been an eventful week here. A neighbor stopped by early in the week with a present for the baby:
You probably can't tell the detail here, but it's little embroidered flamingos!!! Wednesday I left for a wedding in Virginia for a good friend of mine. I was one of the bridesmaids.

The trip started off great with a few flights that let me get lots of knitting done. I finished my section of a charity blanket for the Stitch It! Podcast listeners group.
It's called Tip Toe Through the Tulips, so I did a bright tulipy color. I did the yellow basketweave part. It's on its way to the next knitter and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done.

Wednesday night was the bridal shower, then Thursday I took the opportunity to visit some people from my lab from grad school and was greeted with a familiar sight:
AHH! The drawbridge was open for almost 30 minutes and I didn't even have knitting or a book with me. I had a great visit with everyone from the lab though. And then I went off to visit my neighbor from when I lived in VA. She's preggers too so we had a good baby chat while we went for a walk with her son. And she gave me a gift for the baby, how cute is this:
It's an orange outfit (she said I'll be overwhelmed with pink at the shower and she wanted to be different. . . it's greatly appreciated!!), and a teether that plays music. The teether was immediately tested by her son and was given rave reviews!!

Thursday night we had the bachelorette party. I went to dinner with everyone then out to the first bar for a bit but then had to call it quits for the night at about 10 cause I really needed some sleep and people started smoking.

Friday was our day to spend with the bride. She took us (some of the bridesmaids) out to get mani/pedis (although I skipped that part and knit in the salon cause I hate people touching my feet!), then we all went out to lunch where we had a very impromptu baby shower. The bride gave me this:
It's a package of cloth diapers, some bath towels with mermaids and other sea creatures on them, and 5 organic cotton outfits (hopefully you can see it on the center one - there are ruffles on the butt!!) Then from the girl I was staying with I got this:
She had gone to a baby boutique shop and got a growth chart, a bunny blankee, a burp cloth with the baby's first initial embroidered on, a silver spoon and a pair of booties with a bunny on the front and cottontail on the back. This baby is already so spoiled!!

Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner. I seemed to have overdone it on Friday and woke up Saturday with enormous feet! I hadn't had a problem with swollen feet yet this pregnancy so I didn't have a clue what to do. I had to rush around Saturday morning getting my hair and makeup done, but once I got to the church I spent an hour or so with my feet elevated. I didn't do much good though so we had a little shoe emergency and I had to borrow someone else's shoes and then tie them with a ribbon to keep them on my feet! It was quite the extravaganza! But the wedding went off without a hitch and the two most disgustingly in love people you will ever meet are now married!

Here's me and my Virginia friends. I look like a whale, but what do you expect from a 27 week pregnant lady in a maternity bridesmaid dress!

I got home from my trip to discover a few great packages. One was a few stuffed animals for the baby from my Aunt. The next was the stroller and car seat we registered for from my mom's Aunt and cousin. And the last was the bouncy seat we registered for. I immediately assembled the bouncy seat:
It has to be stored in the crib because Trapper quickly got over his fear of this new thing once he saw stuffed animals hanging from it. He slowly walked up and stared at it for a long time, then tried biting the zebra but couldn't grab it, it was like watching kids play bobbing for apples!

This morning I assembled the stroller and car seat and played around with them a little, I forgot to take a picture. It's great, I can fold the stroller up with one hand!! I'm going to wait another month or so then I'm going to figure out how to put the car seat in the car so the dogs can start getting used to it.

Well that's all for now. No new knitting news, I did about 4 rows on the nursing shawl in the salon and that's all I got done the whole trip! I'm seriously knitting deprived right now and I really want to cast on some major project, maybe the Starsky jacket.

Oh, and as of last Friday, I am officially in my last trimester!! The baby is gonna be here in no time. Get ready for many posts about back pain, trouble sleeping, and swollen feet!!


Winnie said...

Juli -

Watch out about those swollen feet! I had a big problem with it (like so swollen I couldn't wear my flip-flops) and they found I had toxemia.

I hope it's just from running around and enjoying the time in Virginia, though.

Valerie said...

Your hair looks really good :-) I like it! How does it feel to be getting baby gifts already? Congrats on the 3rd trimester! She'll be here before you know it!! Flying made my feet swell really bad with Devin & they didn't go back til I delivered, but I was like 30 weeks by then. My blood pressure also started going up at that point. I'm sure yor Doc is keeping an eye on all that though.

The kids can't wait for you to come visit. Devin is SOOO excited to be a hostess at the shower! LOL!

Dorothy & Michael said...

Glad you had such a fun trip. All of your pictures are so nice! Any chance you might come to see the play this weekend? "With Pen In Hand" opens on Thursday at 7 PM at the Place at the Woodward, just a few doors down from Sips. If you come, say hello after the show so we can finally meet!

Kamigaeru said...

I love the James Bond bridesmaids photo, that's priceless! Looks like you're hauling in the baby booty, too. ;-) Not much longer now...