22 May 2008

IT'S DONE!!!!!!

My longest running UFO, my sweetie's baseball sweater, is finally off the needles. Pieces are seamed and all ends are woven in!!! The other day I had all the pieces knit and was ready to start seaming.
I had a minor freak out thinking I wouldn't have enough yarn to knit the collar since all I had left was less than a quarter of 2 balls in that color. But I wound up having enough for not only the collar but also for seaming the sleeves. This morning I finished all the weaving in of ends and had a grand plan for this masterpiece.
I was going to wrap it up and leave it in the baby's crib. I will be out of town on father's day so I was going to call him and tell him to go look in the crib. I was going to have a card that said something along the lines of "time to get used to handmade presents". But I just couldn't wait. How can I work on something so hard and then wait a few weeks to see if it fits and then not even be there when he tries it on for the first time.

He came home from work today for lunch and I just couldn't contain myself. He said he really likes the way it looks and that it fits him great. The best compliment was that he said "Yay, now we don't have to buy sweaters for me anymore"
He did laugh at me though when I told him I started this almost 2 years ago when he left for Iraq. I'm gonna let that slide since he did give it rave reviews. We'll see how he likes it when he actually wears it for a day. I'm hoping the cotton doesn't stretch too much.


Dorothy & Michael said...

Oh my but he looks nice in it! And it fits him so perfectly!!! You are one talented knitter. Are you going to knit night at Sips tonight?? Hope you see this in time...

Valerie said...

That's a whole lotta knitting! Josh better wear it when I go visit.... I don't care if it's July/August! LOL! Looks great :-) Don't tell George.... He's already been after me to knit him a sweater. With the way I loose interest in projects, I think he was lucky to get socks!

Winnie said...

Ah, that does look familiar . . . Its so good to see it done and that it fits well. I'm afraid if I did it , it wouldn't fit (Mike would change size).