21 May 2008

Knitting Gift Baskets

I've been watching tons of baby shows the last few months and I see these people leaving the hospital with lots of flowers and I think what a waste. Yes, flowers are gorgeous and they definitely brighten someones mood. But you just had a baby and you're no longer pregnant, you're in a pretty good mood already. Wouldn't it be better is people could send you a knitting basket! I woke up at 3 in the morning and just couldn't get the idea out of my head. There are a few places that you can order knitting themed gift baskets, but not like ordering flowers. I wish people could just go online and find a new baby girl knitting gift basket that had pink yarn, a pattern for a baby sweater or a book of baby patterns, needles, some baby themed stitch markers, and maybe a little already made knitted toy for the baby. I think I'm on to something here. But how to get them delivered to hospitals all over the country, that's where I hit a snag. I think I need to develop this idea further. Although it probably already exists and I just couldn't find it online.

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Shirley said...

First of all congratulation on the baby. I'll be checking in on you and monitoring your progression.
I was excited when I came across your blog. I love to knit and I have a gift basket eStore. I have not seen a knitting gift basket either. Nice idea! Maybe we could talk sometime. I have the store and know how to market them. We'll think about it.
I'll be back to visit your blog.