16 May 2008

Normalcy Returns

Life is returning to normal today with the arrival of my sweetie at 1am and the departure of the bunny babies. First off the bunnies. . . this morning I woke up and too the pups out in the front, then I went to check on the bunnies and they were gone! No signs of a predator, they were just gone. I waited until about lunchtime and kept checking on the nest to make sure they weren't just exploring a little, then released the hounds. They were so happy to be in the yard again and so was I!! Here's a picture of the bunnies from a day or 2 ago:
It's 2 bunny butts and a bunny leg. They started hopping deeper into the nest when I started taking pictures.

My sweetie returned a day early from his work trip to China. Everything seemed to go ok, but more importantly he came home with gifts!!

First there's these little ceramic things. They put them on his pillow at the hotel symbolizing the stone pillows people used to use. There's a much better story than that on the card they left with them, but it's all the way upstairs and I'm tired today!
He got a set of silk sheets and pillowcases. They're going on the bed tonight, although Trapper has already shown a bit too much interest in the tassels.

He also got us a nice set of chopsticks with the little blocks to rest them on. We do enjoy using chopsticks whenever we can so these will go to good use.
A little something just for me, a silk purse. I think he did a fantastic job of picking out a simple fabric for me. He said there were ones that looked a lot more like traditional Asian designs, but luckily he didn't choose one of those cause that's not my style.
And last, but definitely not least, a present for the baby! I had a bit of a panda obsession before I decided I wanted to be a marine biologist. Maybe it's something I can pass along to the baby.
That's it. No knitting updates yet. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my sweetie's sweater. I'm probably more than halfway done with the sleeve now so I'm really hoping for a Father's Day finish!

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Valerie said...

Devin has a Panda obsession at the moment! The purse he got you is very cute! G would never think to get me gifts if he went traveling....