26 April 2008

February Sweater

I finished the February Sweater and it's gorgeous! I love, love, love it! I went yesterday and bought some buttons and I'll hopefully get them sewn on today. This sweater is for my cousin's baby. His wife is pretty old school so I got buttons that look like little pearls. What do you think?
Changes I'll be making for the next one, or three, I make:
- I'm going to do the sleeves in the round so there is no seam at all (although I think I did a fantastic job seaming the sleeves!)
- I will remember to start in garter so there isn't a roll at the neck, but the roll may increase the cuteness factor, so I may go back to the roll once I do one without it.
- I'm going to play around with the buttons. I want to do one with 3 buttons near the top and then none on the bottom and then maybe one without buttons and instead do it Mintyfresh style!

Other than that I've been working on some more crocheted grocery bags. I have 4 now and I'm almost done with a 5th. I should be able to get one, maybe 2, more out of the cone of cotton that I bought. A few went on their first grocery trip last weekend and they were very effective and we didn't get any weird looks from the baggers. And my sweetie was able to get them all inside in one trip (very handy when there are 2 rambunctious dogs waiting on the other side of the screen door for you!)

I bought yarn to make myself a goal sweater. It hasn't arrived yet, but once it does I can't wait to start knitting Starsky. The plan is to make it in a medium and then it will be my incentive to lose weight after the baby is born. I've gained back just about all the weight I lost on Weight Watchers and really want to get back to being skinny. Of course I'm not allowed to diet while the little one is growing inside me, but once she's out I'm going back to WW. I think a hand knit sweater would be pretty good incentive. I haven't knit a sweater for myself yet and the short time I was skinny I wasn't at the point in my knitting where I would consider knitting a sweater. The good thing about doing this with Starsky is that it's a tie front cardigan so I don't think it has to be knit to the "just right" size to fit me. I think a little big or a little small and I'll be able to get away with wearing it. I really wanted to order some green yarn, but I've been told all I knit is green so I got brown instead, that should go with just about everything.

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