24 April 2008

Check out my Widget!

Isn't that the coolest thing ever! I'm hoping it updates itself every week, we'll see in a few days. The February sweater is almost done. I'll post pictures in a day or 2. All the knitting is done, just have to sew up the seams and weave in ends. I've got yarn on the way for 3 more, one for my girl, one for a college friend who's having a girl and one for just in case. I've still got 2 friends that don't know what they're having yet. One already has a boy so I'm hoping she has a girl this time around.

1 comment:

Gloria said...

ok, the little animated fetus is a little creepy! but very informative.
at least it's not dancing!

the Feb sweater is cute!

I'm binding off my Hemlock Ring tonight! big thursday night plans!