23 April 2008

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and in honor of that I was electricity free until my sweetie came home from work. It was a very nice day until the pups started acting up. I think there was something wrong with one of the horses in the field behind the house and it was very upsetting to the dogs. Hopefully the horse is all better today and hopefully a nice long walk will exhaust the dogs a little.

Yesterday morning was spent in the yard cleaning up some leaves in the corner that I don't think have been touched in years. It was at least 9" of leaves and the bottom layer was pretty well decomposed. It took quite a while, but it got done. While I was working hard, the pups were soaking up the sun!
Poor Cooper gets so hot because of his dark coat, but he still lays out in the sun instead of finding a shady spot!

After lunch, they started getting fussy. I made them take a little nap with me. Usually it calms them down, but instead it seemed to fuel the fire and they were bouncing off the walls. I had a killer headache after a couple hours of barking, whining, and clicking their nails on the floor so I retreated to the porch and knit.
This is my progress so far on the February Sweater. This one is going to go to my cousin who is having a girl a month or so before me. I am placing an order soon for more yarn, I'm getting the same yarn in purple to make for my little girl and I think I'll stock up on some more pink and purple to make for some other friends who I'm not sure what they're having yet. I think that this will be my standard baby girl gift from now on. Once I figured out what the heck EZ was talking about in her pithy directions, it's a very easy knit and not in the least bit boring (like I thought the baby surprise jacket was!) I've only got a couple more inches left on the body. I may be able to finish it by this weekend.

I forgot to take pictures of my package from a ravelry buddy. That'll have to wait until the next post, but it's really good!!

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