07 March 2008

Will it ever stop!!!

Yesterday was a great day. It was close to 50 degrees, all the snow melted, I took the dogs for a nice long walk, and I found a letterbox I've been looking for since we moved here! 12 hours later, and boy has it changed around here! We're stuck in the house while the wind blows and the snow falls. The snow started 3 hours ago and we have over 2 inches of snow already. They're expected 3-5" today and another 2-4" overnight. Luckily Cooper is still wiped out from that walk yesterday, long walks are tough on him since he has a bad knee and arthritis. He's only 5 but he acts much older than it sometimes! Trapper, on the other hand, has a bit too much energy today and has been taking it out on some tennis balls, the quilt I'm working on, my arm, and pretty much whatever will fit in his mouth. Ok, onto some pictures. Here's the stamp I got yesterday:
I walk on this trail whenever I can, it used to be everyday but since the snow started it's been once or twice a week. I looked this clue up before we even bought the house and started looking for it then. I looked for 3 months and couldn't find it, then yesterday I walked by and saw the bright green top of the box from 50 feet away and got so excited. I had to go back home, drop off the dogs, pick up my letterboxing stuff, and come back out to the trail! The box was probably placed before some serious pruning had gone on and there were tons of big branches around the base of the tree. I thought I'd never find it. It made my day and now I want to go find more!!

Now onto something depressing:
My yard, after 3 hours of snow, and it's still coming down fast! Yesterday the deck (this is a picture of my deck, by the way) was completely free of snow and ice for the first time in almost a month, it was even dry! This crappy weather has gotta stop sometime, I'm getting very impatient!

Now some knitting content on this knitting and quilting blog. I have been working like crazy on my quilt, but I'm finding the quilting to be much less enjoyable as time goes on, so I think I'm going to quilt half the blocks and then tie the other half and the border. I don't care what it looks like at this point. If I try to quilt the whole thing I'm either going to hate quilting soon or it will never get done. I can only quilt during the day though because the light in our house isn't good enough for night time quilting. At night I'd been working on a super secret project, but the cable needle broke! Knit picks is happily sending me a replacement, but it has yet to get here. So, in the meantime, I picked this back up again:About time I made some progress on this, huh? The first jaywalker is done and when I picked this up last night I just had the ribbing done. I'm a very slow knitter, so for me that's some serious progress for one night!!

OK, I need to get another quilt block done before my sweetie gets home from work. He's also bringing a friend over for dinner so I should probably clean a little. Tomorrow is going to be a prep the house day cause my sister is coming to visit on Sunday!! The room she's staying in is the future baby's room so there's baby stuff on the bed, piles of books that are waiting for bookshelves, no furniture except the bed, oh and there's no lights yet! It will be ready by Sunday though. Gloria has a list of things we have to do while she's here and I will make sure that they get done!!

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