01 March 2008

The perfect day

Did you ever spend all week wishing for the prefect weekend day. You know, the day where your sweetie is home from work with you, but manages to stay in the other room playing video games so you can watch a marathon of America's Next Top Model and knit your brains out. Maybe on this perfect day the dogs will behave and occupy themselves with ripping apart one of their dog toys and not a couch. And maybe, just maybe, on this perfect day the sun will shine, but it will still be so cold that you don't feel guilty about staying inside and knitting. Well, I almost had that day today. I knit my brains out and watched Eva win ANTM (many, many seasons ago, I think). Just as the last episode was wrapping up I finished weaving in the ends of this baby:
It's a Koolhaas hat and it's the coolest!! I just love it, it fits perfect and I didn't even do a gauge swatch. I don't even know if I had the correct weight yarn.

So, the perfect day continues. My sweetie suggests that we make maple sugar candy from scratch since we couldn't find any in the store last time we went looking and he knows I LOVE the stuff. We happen to have all the ingredients we needed, maple syrup and vanilla. We start it a-cookin' and watch a movie. All is going well. We remove it from the heat and let it cool for 1 hour as the directions say. All is still well. Then we go to beat it until it becomes light in color and stiff. It quickly becomes a beautiful light caramel, but it just won't get stiff. 10 minutes or so with the mixer and I decide to get a look at this recipe. We were following it to the T but all other recipes online say to mix it with a wooden spoon a few minutes after it comes off the heat and not to let it cool for an hour. And the change in the mixture will be so quick that you have to be careful to not let it set up in the bowl before it gets into the molds. We gave up. We took what looked like pancake batter and poured it into the tiny molds we had and we're hoping it will set up at least a little. In the meantime, I'm getting rather fussy because my pancake batter was dripping all over the mold and I'm a bit too anal to be able to just shrug it off. My sweetie picks up on the fussiness (actually I was yelling at him about something, maybe he was breathing too loud, I don't remember) and decides to go check on the beer he's brewing in the basement. He gets downstairs and I heard quite a few expletives. He ran upstairs to inform me that the downstairs toilet, which we have never used, exploded. Since we have one of those oh-so-convenient home warranty things we have to wait until Monday to even schedule an appointment with someone. We're not quite sure what the problem is since our septic was pumped a month ago, so we don't even know if we can use our water right now. Where oh where did my perfect day go!!! To end on a positive note though, I've convinced my sweetie that doing the dishes will use too much water so we should really go out to dinner!


Gloria said...

Just imagine if on this perfect day there was also a marathon of Harry Potter movies on!

I can't wait to come visit, I think we should make sweet bread and podcast.

the hat looks really good!

Winnie said...

Oh, haven't had one quite like that, but close enough - our old house in Colorado had roots block the septic line and waste back into the shower and commode.

Fun, fun.


Valerie said...

Yes, make sweet bread when Glor visits and bring it back to me!!!!! The hat looks awesome :-)

Angie said...

I love the hat. I've made about 4 of them so far.