15 March 2008

Blizzardy goodness

The last week has been great. Gloria came to visit. We did have a few things go wrong, like starting the week off with 20" of snow and then having plumbing problems that kept us from showering so we could leave the house. I don't have much time to write since I have to catch up on tons of house work and lots of laundry! But, we did lots and lots of knitting and we watched lots of Gilmore Girls and we went yarn shopping and we ate lots of chocolate. I think that about sums up our weekend. I didn't think to take any pictures, what a bad blogger I am!! But here's one of a dog in the yard after the blizzard:
He's a pretty tall pup and the snow came up to his belly. It's was funny watching them hop around out there. It was also nice to have them a little worn out after just 5 minutes outside!

And here's a picture of the hat I made while Gloria was here:
I also worked on my jaywalkers a bit, but mainly the hat (once we went and bought the yarn!). I'll have more details on the hat later, it was test knit for someone so I'll let you know when the pattern is available. I love it though!!

OK, I'll post more later about our visit. I just wanted to get those pictures up before I lost them (long story, but pictures wind up in many different folders on my computer).

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