20 March 2008

Just pics

I'm a little swamped today. I need to run to the grocery store and get some chicken to cook for Trapper cause he's pretty sick and can't seem to keep his dog food down. Plus I'd love to get a walk in since it's not snowing or raining right now. Then I get to sit and wait for the phone guy to come. So, today is just pics with no explanation. But that's ok, I think I explained what they all are in the last post.

First, a present from my brother and his girlfriend:
It's free samples, but it's still the first baby-related package I've gotten.

Baby Surprise Jacket:
I'm not understanding how this will make a jacket, but I have faith in good ole' EZ.


Mandi said...

I'm at pretty much the exact same row (it appears anyway) as you are on the Baby Surprise Jacket, and I agree, I have NO idea how this produces anything! But I agree, I have faith in EZ as well :)

Valerie said...

I've seen the magic of the BSJ... Just keep knitting! The Jaywalkers rock :-)

Marcy D said...

Juli - you will be amazed with the BSJ when you get it done. I have made one and am currently working on an ASJ. Take care and we miss you. - Marcy