24 March 2008

Puppy post

The poor dogs have been sick the last week. Who knows what's wrong with them. They do have a vet visit this week for shots so I'll ask and I'm sure they won't know, but it's worth asking. So, they have been the focus of my life the last week. Cleaning up vomit, specially cooking chicken and rice for them, and being the doorman to the million of visits they have to make outside. Here's some pictures of the little guys.

Here's the boys soaking up some sun. It was a gorgeous day and they would have loved to be outside, but they were so sick they just wanted to cuddle with each other on the soft bed.

When they lost the light they moved here, not as soft, but much more sunlight.

Yesterday my sweetie and I died easter eggs.

I knew I had eggs at home when I bought the kit, but didn't even think about the fact that they're brown eggs. Luckily most of the colors still worked. They had to stay in the dye for a long time, but they turned out pretty vibrant (and it gave us a chance to play the matching game that came with the kit).
My sweetie went with the basic approach and dumped his eggs into the 3 darkest colors (his are on the left). I was a bit more adventurous and wanted to see if the yellow would have any effect on the brown eggs and then overdyed with other colors when it didn't (mine are on the right). I'd have to suggest the basic approach when trying to dye brown eggs.

By egg dying time the dogs were feeling a whole lot better. Cooper heard the camera and had to come be a ham. You just have to say "Cooper pose" and he tilts his head and looks straight at the camera.

Trapper has to be enticed to stand still for 2 seconds with some food.
With the pups feeling better and 2 whole days without rain or snow, I'm in quite a good mood too!

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