19 March 2008

I don't like my knitting

Right now none of my knitting is making me happy. A super secret project is just boring the crap out of me. My baby surprise jacket is taking forever and I'm seeing barely any progress (I hate garter stitch). And there's no way I'm going to pick up the stockinette hell that is my sweetie's sweater. I know everyone always feels guilty about the amount of WIPs they have, but I am publicly declaring that I'm a multi-project gal and I love it!! I don't care if I have a million and one projects on my needles, if I look through my many project bags and not a single one is making me happy then I'm going to cast on another. Ah, I hear you asking, why not just frog the ones you don't like. Very simple answer to that, I'm a very fickle person when it comes to my knitting. I may despise a project today and absolutely love it tomorrow. For example, my jaywalkers. Just over a week ago I hated them, they were boring to work on, I only had one sock done, and I didn't like the way the pattern looked. A few days later I felt the urge to knit them and finished them a few days later. Now I have another awesome pair of socks that I would never have if I frogged. Anyway, the moral of the story. . . I love to knit, I may not love every project all the time, but I love to knit. It's my hobby, it's not my job or my means of supporting my family, so why should it be stressful. Why should I care how long it takes me to work through 10 miles of sock yarn or how big my stash is? And why in the world would I care how many WIPs I have? As long as I have a place to hide it all when I'm not working on it, I don't care one bit.

Right now I'm just declaring my knitting as whimsy not work. . . basically I'm just justifying casting on another project. It's too late tonight to pick out a project to cast on, but I'm thinking quick and easy for some instant gratification. Stay tuned for a new project and pictures of those jaywalker socks and the beginnings of the baby surprise jacket.

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