29 January 2008

Shopping Spree!

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment. It went great. It was basically just a meet and greet with the doctor and ask him any questions about the pregnancy. I was really hoping to hear a heartbeat or something, but no such luck. But, he will be doing an ultrasound at the next appointment in the middle of February!! My doctor is in Columbus, which is about an hour from my house and is also where the closest non-Walmart shopping is. I prepped for the shopping trip, mapping out my stores, writing down directions from one store to another, and making a list of all the yarn I wanted to buy. Unfortunately I quickly cleaned out my purse of the millions of Lowe's receipts I had in it and took out the directions and yarn list as well. As I left the doctor's office I realized it was going to be a fly by the seat of my pants trip.

I did some shopping for a friend's baby shower, but the rest was for me and it was fun! I got a new mirror for the bathroom that passed approval with my sweetie. I went to Whole Foods for the first time ever, that store is fantastic. I went to get this:
It's the diapers I want to use, gDiapers. I wanted to buy the starter kit to make sure it's really what I want to use. It's a very soft cloth outer wrap, with a plastic snap in liner that you put an absorbent pad in.
I'll probably buy them online since the store is so far away, but they are a great alternative to disposables. We can't use cloth because of our tiny septic tank and the lack of diaper service in Mount Vernon, but this is great because the part you throw away has no plastic and is completely biodegradable, as long as you don't wrap it in plastic.

After that was a trip to Babies R Us to get a baby shower present for a high school friend of my sweetie. I really wasn't going to buy anything for myself, but I couldn't help it! I got 2 outfits:
My sweetie's name is Joshua and we have a bit of a giraffe obsession since my niece had a CD with the song "Joshua Giraffe" woo hoo! So, I just had to get this and I think it's gender neutral since it's green and yellow.

Then I just couldn't avoid this:
As I'm sure you all know, we're quite obsessed with our dogs and they dominate the majority of our conversations! The latest thing is fighting over whether they had "puppy butts", which I think is much cuter than my sweetie's phrase "dog butt". Now the baby have have a little puppy butt of his/her own!

I almost didn't go to the yarn store since I didn't have the list, but somehow I just wound up there! I was hoping they would have the book the patterns were in so I could just look up the yarn amounts, but they didn't. This is what I needed from the store to make a teddy bear, a hat, and 2 sweaters:
2 balls each of 2 colors Debbie Bliss (DB) Cotton Cashmere - sweater #1
2 balls DB Baby Cashmerino - teddy bear
1 ball each of 2 colors DB Baby Cashmerino - hat
4 balls DB Cotton Cashmere - sweater #2

This is what I wound up buying:
3 balls of 1 color DB Cotton Cashmere
2 balls each of 2 colors of DB Baby Cashmerino

I think I can make sweater #2 (I think the 4th ball was for a matching hat), a multicolored teddy bear, and the hat. Or sweater #2, the teddy bear, and a solid colored hat.

And finally, look at the fantastic breakfast I had today! I finally remembered to get some yogurt so I could have the granola Val handmade for everyone for Christmas. It was soooo good! (hint, hint Val!)

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Angie said...

I wanted you to know that I just discovered your podcast and love it. I've bookmarked all of your blogs too. I look forward to your next podcast.