25 January 2008

We've got walls!

This week has been very crazy in this house! The guys working on the bathroom have been here every day from about 9 in the morning until 8 or so at night. They're really starting to make progress.
We've got walls again!! On the right is our tub and on the left is our separate shower. How cools is that! Nothing exciting on the other wall since the toilet and vanity have to wait until the tile is laid on the floor. About everything that could go wrong has so far, by no fault of the workers, the bathroom has just been remodeled a few times in the past and it was not done well. I've had plenty of time to sit around and knit while they're working. I'd love to be able to go out and run errands, but I'm just not comfortable leaving the house with people working in it. Plus I can't leave the dogs at home cause one of them is a bit too protective and it's way too cold to leave them in the car while I run in and out of stores. The pups are desperate for some exercise. By the time the guys leave at night it's way too late, dark, and cold to take the pups out for a walk so they're getting some serious cabin fever. They do burn off some energy barking at the guys when they walk in and out of the house though.

The temperature and precipitation was just right on Monday to have an abandoned septic tank in our backyard destroyed, which means we can finally move ahead with getting a fence built. Hopefully they'll be able to start next week. Although that means we have to go out this weekend, in the snow, and clear all the leaves out of the way. It's not much, but they're frozen which I'm guessing will make it a little harder.

We've also had the joy of a leaking dishwasher, which will hopefully be fixed today, and a leaking pipe in the basement that I think will be a disaster to fix! Oh, isn't home ownership grand! The first year is always the worst. I'm hoping to replace all the windows too, there's frost on the INSIDE of our kitchen windows, that just doesn't seem right!

We really did move into the money pit!!

On a happier note, I finished my first jaywalker. I finished it almost a week ago.
I haven't cast on the second one yet. I've been working full tilt on the latest secret project. I'm really enjoying it. Plus there is only a pattern every 5th row. So I can sit and knit around and around and around without thinking. Just the kind of pattern I need when there is constant sawing, drilling, hammering, and puppy whining!!

OK, well I think that's more than enough for everyone to read. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of a finished fence or bathroom in the next few weeks!!

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