05 February 2008

So Much To Say!

There has been just so much going on here it's craziness! First off, as of yesterday, we have a fence!! The boys should be very happy with that, but they're not allowed to enjoy it yet. I took them out around 4 yesterday right after the guys left and they ran and ran and ran! Just the point of a fence, right? A safe place for the boys to exercise. Except for one little thing. . . our yard is currently 2 inches thick with mud! They ran and slipped and ran and slipped and ran and slipped. There are nice long muddy marks from where they slid and I'm guessing they tore up quite a bit of grass on that first outing. All due to the layer of ice that has been on the ground for the past few days that melted yesterday while it rained all day. We had some major thunderstorms this morning and the ground is still soaked. They are going to have to wait for it to dry out or freeze before they can go out again. They just need to get those first few trips out of their system where they are just going to run until they collapse.
Meanwhile, the bathroom is coming along great. It took a while to get past the whole drywall thing, sanding and mudding took a few days. But, we now have a floor that will be grouted today and they started tiling around the shower and bath. We also fixed some water pressure issues we were having and showering is actually an enjoyable experience again. Except for the fact that I sent my sweetie out alone to buy a new shower head and he came back with this 8" long, 6" wide monstrosity that takes up half the shower, but it works!

OK, onto the knitting. My latest super secret project (I forget what # I'm on) is halfway done. I haven't gotten around to winding the yarn for the other half so it may stay like that for a while.

I got some yarn in the mail that my mom and sister bought me and started making a hooded jacket from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss.
I've got the bottom of all the pieces knit and have to start on the yoke but don't have the right size needles. Not having a LYS is really a bummer! I ordered some harmony tips from Knit Picks though and I'm hoping it won't take too long, although they seem to be the slowest mail order place I've ordered from! It is definitely a little more girly than boyish, but with a few more buttons or something it might be a little more manly. I'll wait until we know the gender before I add any extra buttons though.

Well that's it for me. I think I'll go work on my poor, neglected jaywalkers. I know they'll look great, but the pattern is so friggin' boring!! I just want to fall asleep every time I pick it up. I definitely need more exciting sock patterns if I'm ever going to knit through my sock yarn stash.

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Angie said...

Hmm, I've ordered from Knit Picks and always have gotten my stuff fairly quickly. Then again, I'm not usually waiting on something that I need to use right away. Hope you get your stuff soon!