13 December 2007

Picture Time

This will be a very picture heavy post, isn't that why you're here anyway?!

Ok, first off, my secret pal. . . She's been fantastic! I got the last package from her the other day and it was just perfect. This package had a theme, can you tell what it is?
Orange! There's some twisted sisters yarn, which I've seen but never tried so I'm excited to use that.
A chocolate orange (which, with a little help from my sweetie, has already disappeared). A journal with a hula girl. 2 dog toys for my pups (I love it when people think of the pups!)
It was just great! She has really spoiled me beyond what I expected from this swap! So, at this point are you wondering who she is yet? Well here you go: She's Samantha from stitchnbitchlafette.us I went to check out her site when we got internet and was shocked to see that it's a site I've been to before. I definitely remember the mudflap girl sweater! Knitting is a small world!

Ok, now onto some house stuff, no inside pictures though, especially since I just decided that the craft room is going to be a guest room and half the basement will be the craft room. There's stuff EVERYWHERE!

Here's a nice outside shot though:This is the backyard after our first Ohio snow storm! It's been snowing or raining just about every day since we've been in this house, we're getting a little tired of it! The boys are liking the view though. If you look out our picture window in the computer room you can see a horse farm behind us. The horses haven't been out much since it's just being built, but now and then you can see them. Some are regular horses but some are these gorgeous Frisian horses. The dogs love to watch them, but even better than the horses are these:The deer! There's only one in the picture and it's kinda far away. I can't seem to find my camera when they're close to the house. I have a little video of 4 of them in the field behind the house and the dogs going crazy, I zoomed in to see the deer and then realized I couldn't zoom out to show the pups so sorry if this makes you dizzy! And I would turn the volume down. The dogs were whining and yipping at the deer.

And here's a picture of the boys by the picture window, where they spend the majority of their time.
I think that's it for me now. Oh, one more thing, possibly the best thing of the day. We got cable yesterday, woohooo!, and we got the vamped up service where you can pause and rewind live TV. I know that's not a big deal for most people, but it took a lot of convincing of my sweetie to get this service. Anyways, they have a free movies on demand channel and they are featuring Christmas movies and my favorite Christmas movie of all time is on there. I tried last year to find this on DVD but it was only available on VHS. So, if you happen to be a fan of this movie:
And you happen to be a Time Warner Cable subscriber, check you free movies on demand channel!!


Gloria said...

Horay for internet!!!
I was missing your blog!!

Saffista said...

I am so glad that the package made it there safe and sound and that you liked it! I saw the yarn while I was in FL, thus the orange theme :-), and thought that it might be perfect for you! Napoleon got a drumstick too and he loved it for a day or so and then hid it in his crate!


Valerie said...

I made George watch The Night they Save Christmas a few days ago- I couldn't believe he never saw it!!! Glad you're back on line. That's so awesome that you get deer in your back yard! Can't wait til I can come visit!

Gloria said...

don't worry your present will be done by cristmas!!!
these things just have to get done BEFORE x-mas....