19 December 2007

4 years!

Today me and my sweetie are celebrating our 4th anniversary!! We're going out to dinner at the only 4 star dining in Knox county! We used to have "our" restaurant in Virginia where we went for all special occasions. It will be weird going anywhere else, but maybe we'll find a new "our" restaurant.

Ok, onto the crafting content. I haven't had all that much knitting time lately. Today will be a knitting day. Organizing the house can wait a few days for me to finish up Christmas presents. I got a few things made the other day. Including some homemade cocoa mixes that will go to the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Don't they just look scrumptious!!!
I'm also working on more calorimetries. I finished my second one. This one is the slightly narrower than the last one and I think I finally have the perfect pattern (at least with this one type of yarn).
I have one more to make and then I also want to make little ornaments to attach to the cocoa mixes. I think that I have a cute sock and mitten ornament pattern in one of my pattern books. And I still need to finish one of my sister's presents. It's about 75% done and if I work on only that all day today I may be able to finish it. I know that's not going to happen though. It's supposed to be 40 degrees today and it's not supposed to rain so I really need to get the dogs out for a nice long walk.

The more time I spend blogging, the less time I'm knitting, so Bye!


Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary!! The Cocoa mixes look awesome!!! If you make extras toss one my way!

Saffista said...

Those gift jars are absolutely adorable! Would you be willing to share the recipe with an old pal? :-)