21 December 2007

Christmas knitting is done!!!!!!!

I actually finished all the projects I set out to do with one exception. I was going to make little sock ornaments to put on all the cocoa jars. They weren't as much fun as I had hoped so I probably won't make them, but we'll see I still have a little time left.

Now for my knitting new years resolutions:
1. I will finish my sweetie's sweater in 2008
2. I will not buy yarn unless I get pregnant (then I have to buy lots of yarn), I go to the Knitter's Connection or Rhinebeck, or when I'm traveling (which I don't plan on doing much of in the coming year).
3. I will finish super secret project #2 - this is a biggie!!!

Not many resolutions, but they're big ones!!

My big personal resolution is to lose weight. I've gained back almost all of the weight I had lost before and I hate it, so I'm going to lose weight again. It's tough with being home all the time, we'll just have to make some big changes. I'm thinking of contributing to the Flickr 365 days project where you take a picture of yourself every day for a year (actually 366 this year!) and then maybe if I lose weight it will be pretty cool to see it over the year. We'll see. I'd probably have to pay for flickr then since it would be a whole lot of pictures. I'll think it over during the holidays and if I start it will probably be on Jan 1st.

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