29 November 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

Since I have no pictures of knitting that I can show you right now, here's what our Thanksgiving dinner looked like:
My sweetie made stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey and I made some mashed sweet potatoes.

I had a knitting disaster near miss the other day when I walked in the apartment and half of Valerie's Christmas present was missing, luckily the pups just decided they didn't want it on the coffee table and they nicely picked it up and moved it into the bedroom without damaging a single stitch. Today I had a true knitting disaster, but I can't tell you about it without giving away what I'm making for one of my sisters. So, you'll just have to live in agony until Christmas thinking about what I could have done wrong. I'll give you a hint. . . it has something to do with the needles and the yarn. Oh, that doesn't help you at all? Sorry!

I think I'll have to start another project just so I have something to blog about!

On the moving to Ohio front, we're closing tomorrow!!! We should have a house by noon. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong! We still have yet to hear from the military that our stuff has made it to Ohio from Virginia. It should be in Dayton by December 5th and then they'll call us to set up delivery to the house.

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Sharon said...

I received my wonderful goodies!!! Thank you SOOOO very much!!! I posted pictures on my blog!!!