26 November 2007

#5 is alive!

Does anyone else love the movie Short Circuit? I don't know why that isn't on TV ever. It was such a good movie. Steve Guttenberg, Ally Sheedy, and a robot. . . what could be better than that?

Anyway, I wanted to do an update on super secret project #5 so Gloria doesn't feel bad about her present. The new pattern is superb! I've been wanting to make this pattern for a while but just didn't have the right yarn. Well I've got the right yarn now and I'm a few pattern repeats into it and it's looking great. I now want to keep that one for myself too. Glor, you just may be getting a knitting book as well!

That's it, I wish I could post some good pictures. Oh, I took a picture of our thanksgiving dinner. I'll download that later and post it. What good is a blog without pictures!! Ok, I have a million things to do today. My main objective is to get my car registered in Ohio (trust me, it's easier said than done!)


Valerie said...

e-mail me what the new pattern is and a picture- I must know everything!

Gloria said...

NO!!!! well, you can give me a book TOO, but I wanted the knitted present! you can't tease me like that!

CresceNet said...
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