25 November 2007

No Knitting Details

All my current knitting is holiday knitting for my sisters so I can't give details since they each read this blog. But I can give progress reports (maybe knowing their projects are getting done will inspire them to finish mine!)

First is Super Secret Project #4: this one is for Valerie. It's coming out fantastic! I really want to keep this one for myself. It's just the perfect combination of yarn and pattern. And the yarn!! I can not say enough about this yarn. It's my absolute favorite yarn I've ever knit with!!!! I can't wait to tell you what it is. So far I'm about half way finished with her present.

Next is Super Secret Project #5: this one is for Gloria. It's not nearly as far along yet since I just did gauge swatching last night. I started one project on it this morning and decided I was not at all happy with it. It went to visit the frog pond about an hour ago. So, thanks to ravelry I was able to find a much better pattern match for the yarn. I'm not far enough along to know if I like the pattern yet, but I think it will be great. The yarn is unfortunately not as nice as Val's yarn. It gorgeous, but just doesn't have as nice of a feel to it. I think I will wash is before I give it to her to soften it up a little. It's knitting up a lot softer than in the ball too.

OK, that's it. I have to go cut up some bread for Sunday night dinner (my sweetie cooks a great dinner every Sunday night. . . isn't he the best!)

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