11 October 2007

One Craft Day Remains

Until the craft fair. I've still got lots and lots and lots to do. Including getting an item felted and dried by Saturday morning. Here's my monster messenger bag that I had a major problem with:
My major problem is that I ran out of yarn. It was supposed to have a flap that would fold over the top and cover the front. And it's supposed to have a massive strap so it can actually be used as a messenger bag. Instead its got a rather pathetic little flap that I will have to fins a toggle to add on post-felting. And the strap is just horrible. I was hoping to do it all in green but ran out of green so I had to use some of the yellow. And I didn't realize until I was just looking at this picture that the second skein of yellow is ridiculously different than the first skein. We'll see just how salvageable this bag is when the felting finishes. That's my iPod nano for scale.

And then there's some cute as a button baby booties:
These match the baby thumb-free mittens that I made the other day. I'll try to sell them as a pair. But this isn't an original design. I found it on someone else's blog (I can't remember who)and thought it was just too cute not to make. So, I don't know if I can legally sell it. I'll be designing my own soon with just a single strap so I can sell them, and one button would be much better anyway.

OK, I'm off to knit some more thumb-free mittens. Much better than the booties, as cute as the booties are, they require a seam and the mittens are seamless (a definite plus on a deadline). Oh, and I'll have an etsy shop soon. . . Stay tuned for details. I hope to have at least a few things posted before the craft fair and then whatever doesn't sell will be posted for sale on etsy.

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Valerie said...

You can e-mail the pattern author & ask permission to sell a pair of booties.... or give them away as a freebie with purchase of the mits...