01 October 2007

Flash my stash

My Secret Pal 11 host is having a flash your stash contest. So, here's my stash.
It's relatively well contained in one of those cubicle bookshelves from Target:

And here's what's in the cubes:
I recently had a major clean out of my stash so most of what's in there is quality stuff. The middle top cube is roving and my drop spindle, which I still haven't gotten the hang of. And the bottom right is my basket of sock yarn that lives on top of the bookshelf for some daily inspiration.


loveyourbag said...

Oh, I wish my stash was that organized! The only part of my stash that's all together is my sock yarn and we all know that doesn't count as stash!

Valerie said...

Can you come organize my stash?