02 October 2007

Can you say freak out?

Wow, life has thrown us a few punches this week. We redid out house budget and realized we can't afford anything like what we thought we could. It's my fault, I never realized just how much is taken out for federal taxes. I never made much as a student so my taxes were $100 a pay period and my sweetie didn't get pay stubs sent home. Now that we have $1000 less a month than we figured, we're kinda screwed. I've started searching for a job and hope that something comes through soon. In the meantime my sweetie started his job yesterday and it was just miserable. No one thinks that he is going to have the job he was offered and it seems like he's going to be stuck in a job that he's far overqualified for. He's talking to the person who offered him the job today and if it's not what he was lead to believe it was going to be, he's going to quit and he'll have to start the job search all over again. That sucks, but I'd much rather do that than have him stuck in a job that he doesn't like and that doesn't pay much. In the meantime, we close on the sale of our current house the end of October. If my sweetie quits his job, we just may have to take my parents up on moving into my grandfather's house for a while. We'll have to live off our savings, which sucks big time, but I'm glad that we have a back up plan. This has probably been the most stressful time for us. Hopefully everything will be settled by the end of the October cause I don't know how much longer I can deal with this stress level.

Not much knitting has been done lately. I've been trying to keep my mind off of things and knitting just gives me too much time to think. So, I've been reading a lot. I just finished the latest Kathy Reich's book and I'm just starting The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (Or something like that). It's pretty good so far but it just may be a little too involved for me. There's a lot of European references that I don't understand but I'm barrelling trhough the first few chapters and I'll see if I get hooked.


loveyourbag said...

That sucks about the house and all. Sometimes it seems like life has something against you, somehow it all works out though.
Keep going with The Historian. I've read it and it's great. A little slow in parts maybe, but she is so good with her descriptons you can imagine just where they are. I need to re-read it to catch the parts I'm sure I missed:)

Valerie said...

Yikes!!!! You'll find something. Would Josh be willing to stay in the crappy job til he finds something else? That way at least you have an income...

And I'm sure you'll find a house soon.... And if not then you can hang out in NH :-)