28 September 2007

House hunting, Part I.

Yesterday was our first day of house hunting and it was a complete bust! We went to see 5 houses in the town next to us and there wasn't a single one that we were interested in. There were a couple in a great neighborhood that I would love to live in. But they were so weird. They were old, which is ok, our current house is 70 years old and we haven't had any major problems with it. But either their were lots of very small rooms (which is one of the reasons we're looking for a new house, we want an open floor plan), or the kitchen was tiny and all the appliances were out of date (another reason we want a new house), or it was just a weird layout (like a loft that looked over the den but was completely useless as a loft since it was about 4 feet wide.)

Today we're crossing the bridge and venturing into new territory for us. We've never really been into the towns that we are going to today. We've driven through them but we've never stopped. This will be a real adventure. Most of the houses are in housing communities, which I'm not thrilled about, but if the houses are gorgeous, they have the open floor plan I want, and they have up to date appliances . . . I just may have to change my mind on that.

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Valerie said...

Good Luck!