26 September 2007


My sweetie has accepted a job offer and we're going house hunting tomorrow! We're staying in the area we're in now in southeastern Virginia. We shouldn't have any problem finding something by the closing date of our current house (end of October). We just need to find something that we can take early possession of so we can have everything moved out by the closing date. I'm so excited!!! I don't think my sweetie is as excited as I am cause this means he has to start working again. It was nice with both of us having almost 2 months off but it would have been nicer if we could have taken a vacation. My sweetie has to start his job on Monday which doesn't leave much time for house hunting and vacationing. Oh well. We've got tons of wedding in the next year so we'll just have to use those as mini vacations throughout the year.

I also bit the bullet and applied for a job. We'll see. I'm pretty well qualified for it and it doesn't involve teaching classes so I think I'd be pretty happy about it. But it does require going to work everyday which I'm not so keen on anymore. It'd be nice to have a second income though. The application due date isn't until August of 08 so I may not hear anything at all for a LONG time. I'm keeping my eye out for other jobs too but there's not all that much I'm interested in. If only we had a major natural history museum in this area!

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