25 September 2007

A little update

I haven't really been up to much lately. I've been spending most of my time talking with my sweetie about what job he should take. It's a great thing that we have a few options now but we both hate making decisions. We need to make up our minds by Thursday though and then it will be a whirlwind of trying to find a new house and moving in the next month!

So, onto knitting. I apologize now for the horrible pictures, I just ran around the house and snapped a few pictures, I'm hoping to get this post up before Trapper comes downstairs from his morning nap. Here's the Sweet Pea Sock

Apparently the gauge issues I had are coming back to haunt me. It's a big baggy on the underside of the foot. The point it's at in the picture is right at the end of the gusset decreases. I think on the other sock I'll just pick up 20 stitches instead of 30 along the heel flap and see how it fits, if it's all good I may redo this one (probably not, I'm far too lazy!)

And now onto the knitting I'm doing for the craft sale. All I can say is that I'm not nearly as good at felting projects as I was last year. Everything just looks like crap (and it's not just because the pictures are fuzzy, they're really crap!)

First off is a dog toy that I thought I make a few of and sell with the dog treats I made:
It turned out ok, I even managed to stuff it and put a squeaker inside before felting so there are no seams the dog could rip open. The only problem is it's actually a lot of effort and quite a bit of yarn to make this thing so I probably won't make anymore. Oh that reminds to, I forgot to take a picture of the cat toy I made, I'll have picture next post.

Then there's a couple felted totes:
The purple one came out ok, the other one is a bit too short and the sides sag a little. I think I'll just use it to display the dog treats or cat toys.

Lastly is the little bag
It's very small. Maybe 6X4 inches or something like that. I tried to put a nifty magnetic closure but I had to put the bag so hard to get it open or pry it apart with my fingernails, so I took it off. I'm going to add on a black canvas strap and make it so it can go across your body, messenger bag style. We'll have to see how it looks after I add the strap, but I'm happiest with this bag so I'll probably make more of them.

I also attempted wristlets and decided that I'm really not a zipper friendly person. Maybe I'll make really small wristlets with a front flap and put those magnetic closures to good use!

And I made some progress on Super Secret Project #2. Not much, but the first section is getting closer to being finished. That's all for now.

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