20 September 2007

Thanks Secret Pal!!!

My first Secret Pal package came this week while I was gone. It's fantastic!!! Here's the moment of anticipation:
And all the beautiful goodies:
The goodies are:
~nail polish
~lip gloss
~post it notes (which I think are awesome for keeping your place in a chart!)
~a container for organizing knitting notions
~A SKEIN OF OPAL SOCK YARN - it's purple and black and I can't wait to see what it will look like knit up, it feels so nice!
~a sparkley knitting journal
~a card that appears to be handmade
~two tennis balls (my secret pal has definitely been keeping up with my blog)

I wasn't able to just cast on right away since I've got lots of things to do after being out of the house for a few days but some other little ones were able to enjoy their goodies right away:
Trapper is the real ball boy and can often be found cuddling with his favorite ball of the moment on the couch, his new tennis ball quickly made it to the top of his list!So, once again. . . THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!


Valerie said...

You suck. I still haven't heard from my SP since the first of the month :-( Sob.

Your Secret Pal said...

I am so glad that you liked the package! I figured nothing would go better with purple socks than purple toe nails :-) I am so glad that the boys like the ball. It looks like Trapper may have staked a claim to both of them!

Happy Knitting!