02 September 2007

Friends don't let friends drink and sew!

My sweetie (that's what I've decided to call my husband on my blog) and I have been spending the labor day holiday smoking meat and hanging out with our dogs. Not very exciting to most, but very fun for a couple who have lots of hanging out time to catch up on after a year of my sweetie being in Iraq. Today we seemed to have forgotten about the fact that we are jobless by drinking massive amounts of beer and wine. My sweetie spent the day grilling what I'm sure will be an amazing dinner of brisket and I spent the day sewing. In case you didn't know, sewing and drinking don't go well together. I'm currently on my last glass of wine from MY bottle (my sweetie has his beer) and I just finished posting on some ravelry stuff (those are probably very interesting) after finishing my second bag for the day. I'm making sock knitting bags or small project bags. I made one for myself which came out fantastic (although my sweetie's comment was "it looks like something anyone with the slightest bit of sewing talent can make", he almost got slapped!) Then I started one for my HSKS 3 pal. It started out fantastic then as the glasses of wine started disappearing I seemed to poke my finger more often and pinned things to the wrong surface. I finished it and ran around the house singing songs saying I was the sewing goddess and these bags will someday be sold on etsy and pay the bills! Tomorrow, when I sober up, I'll find out just how fantastic these bags are and see if the second one I made is truly worthy of my HSKS pal (who happens to be a master bag maker!). I did have enough common sense to wait until tomorrow to work on the one for my secret pal 11, who will also receive one of these bags! No pictures, sorry but I have to keep it a surprise for my pals!

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest so far. There's still time, you have until 6 Tuesday night.


CelticMommy said...

I have to laugh at this... thought not a big drinker, I've drunk crocheted before and drunk sewed as well.. not a pretty sight! Lots of frogging and seam ripping!! Have a great dinner!
Ravenclaw classmate

Valerie said...

LMFAO!!!! Can't wait to see the bags!! E-mail me a pic! Were you drinking the home brew Mead? You ARE bringing some up when we go to Rhinebeck, right? Can you bring it on the plane?