04 September 2007

Stitch Marker Contest winners

I posted comments on the winner's blogs, but just in case you happen to check here, the winners are:


The markers will get out in the mail as soon as I get your addresses. My contact info is in your comments but I have been having gmail problems so please leave me a comment if your e-mail is bounced back to you.

So, today was a fun little day for me. I went to Office Max to get ink for our printer. We have not had a working printer in over 3 years because we just haven't needed it. We print out everything at work. But, being jobless we have to print out our stuff at home. I was getting tired of copying patterns into my notebook and inevitably making a mistake and getting very frustrated. We have no where to set up the printer, it will just have to sit on the floor while we print things. Anyway, trips to Office Max are almost as good as trips to the yarn store for me. I have an absolute obsession with office supplies. For no reason at all I have a million packages of post its, 2 million notebooks, and a cagillion writing utensils.

So, after that trip I went to Dillard's to get a bridal shower present for a friend's bridal shower that is this weekend and something to wear to the shower. I HATE HATE HATE clothes shopping cause I've seemed to gain a crapload of weight lately.

I was so upset by this clothes shopping that I had to go to a new yarnish store. Colonial Fiber Arts. There was very little yarn. It's more of a spinning/weaving store with roving, looms, and wheels for sale. I got a few little goodies for my swap partners. I also walked out with their schedule and I really want to take their intro to weaving class. Not that I need another hobby, but I've been fascinated by weaving lately.

Then I came home and sat on my hammock and knitting while playing fetch with Trapper. It was great for about 30 seconds until the hoards of mosquitoes found me. I managed to stay out there for about an hour but then I just couldn't stand it and I was worried all the dead mosquitoes on my fingers might start staining my yarn (oh the joys of living by the water in VA).

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